In a move that is expected to generate controversy, Schalke has announced that they are suspending Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sydney Sam indefinitely.

The Royal Blues made the announcement as a clarification of an earlier one they issued stating that they have released both players from a prior suspension. The two were removed from active play following the team’s 2-0 defeat against 1 FC Koln on Sunday.

The loss comes in as a disappointing addition to a string of defeats that has befallen Schalke this season, with the biggest being of them dropping out of contention from the Champions League. The Royal Blues are also currently struggling to remain within the Europa League qualification places.

Schalke sporting director Horst Heldt has earlier hinted during an interview by Sky Sports that some players “would not survive the next training session if they failed to show greater commitment.” Boateng’s and San’s suspension were first announced on Monday, but a second announcement later in the day created some confusion, as it claimed that both have been released from the punishment. The team’s management quickly clarified the mistake.

Boateng has been going on a downhill in the last few months due to lacklustre performance, with him losing his position in the starting squad to better performing players. There have also been several rumors of him leaving the Veltis-Arena after two disappointing seasons. He managed to return briefly after an impressive display during his squad’s 3-2 win over Stuttgard last week, only for that to be eclipsed by his poor performance this week.

On the other hand, Sam had a disappointing debut with the Royal Blues after moving in from Bayer Leverkusen just last summer. The 27-year old player featured in only Bundesliga 11 games and has not had any spectacular display.

Another player who was in the suspended list was Marco Hoger, but his penalty will only last for a week.


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