The fixtures for the 2016/2017 season of the English Premier League has been released and we all can’t wait for it to kick off come August 13. The recently concluded European Championships kept us entertained for a while, and everybody football lover out there is in need of that weekend crackers the EPL offers over the course of 10 months. The trio of Burnley, Hull and Middlesbrough are now part of the top-flight, while we won’t be seeing Newcastle, Norwich and Aston Villa following their relegation to the Championship. For every month from August till May, here are the crackers you can’t afford to miss.


13. Everton v Tottenham
14. Arsenal v Liverpool
15. Chelsea v West Ham
19. Man Utd v Southampton
20. Stoke v Man City
20. Leicester v Arsenal
27. Tottenham v Liverpool
28. Man City v West Ham


10. Man Utd v Man City
10. Arsenal v Southampton
10. Liverpool v Leicester
16. Chelsea v Liverpool
24. Man Utd v Leicester
24. Arsenal v Chelsea
25. West Ham v Southampton


1. Leicester v Southampton
1. Tottenham v Man City
15. Liverpool v Man Utd
15. Man City v Everton
22. Chelsea v Man Utd
22. Man City v Southampton
29. Crystal Palace v Liverpool
29. Everton v West Ham
29. Southampton v Chelsea
29. Tottenham v Leicester


5. Arsenal v Tottenham
5. Chelsea v Everton
19. Man Utd v Arsenal
19. Southampton v Liverpool
19. Tottenham v West Ham
26. Chelsea v Tottenham
26. Man Utd v West Ham
26. Southampton v Everton


3. Man City v Chelsea
3. West Ham v Arsenal
11. Man Utd v Tottenham
14. Everton v Arsenal
17. Everton v Liverpool
17. Man City v Arsenal
26. Southampton v Tottenham
31. Leicester v West Ham
31. Liverpool v Man City

After the first round of 19 games for each club after Christmas, the second round resumes immediately at the beginning of the new year, and here are the ones to watch out for:



2. Everton v Southampton
2. Tottenham v Chelsea
2. West Ham v Man Utd
14. Leicester v Chelsea
14. Man Utd v Liverpool
14. Swansea v Arsenal
21. Liverpool v Swansea
21. Man City v Tottenham
21. Southampton v Leicester
31. West Ham v Man City


1. Liverpool v Chelsea
4. Chelsea v Arsenal
4. Leicester v Man Utd
4. Man City v Swansea
4. Southampton v West Ham
11. Liverpool v Tottenham
25. Leicester v Liverpool
25. Man City v Man Utd
25. Southampton v Arsenal
25. Tottenham v Stoke


4. Liverpool v Arsenal
4. Tottenham v Everton
4. West Ham v Chelsea
11. Arsenal v Leicester
11. Southampton v Man Utd
18. Man City v Liverpool
18. Tottenham v Southampton
18. West Ham v Leicester


1. Arsenal v Man City
1. Liverpool v Everton
4. Arsenal v West Ham
4. Swansea v Tottenham
4. Man Utd v Everton
5. Chelsea v Man City
15. Man Utd v Chelsea
15. Southampton v Man City
22. Chelsea v Southampton
22. Leicester v Tottenham
22. West Ham v Everton
29. Everton v Chelsea
29. Tottenham v Arsenal


6. Arsenal v Man Utd
6. Liverpool v Southampton
6. West Ham v Tottenham
13. Man City v Leicester
13. Tottenham v Man Utd
13. West Ham v Liverpool
21. Arsenal v Everton

The title will surely be keenly contested for as the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, United, City, Liverpool, Tottenham and even defending champions, Leicester City all attempt to pip the others to the race. Would we be seeing another upset in the race for the title or the big sides will be back on top? Stay glued to your TV set every other weekend as every match unfolds.

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