With the European transfer season opening this summer, Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero once again invited Liverpool’s Mario Balotelli to join his squad.

Ferroero extended the invitation during an interview by Radio Kiss Kiss. “He’s a great name and certainly he’d be welcomed by many clubs,” the la Samp head said. “If it were up to me, I would bring him to Sampdoria immediately. It would be fantastic to have him together with Eto’o.” Samuel Eto’o is one of Sampdoria’s most reliable strikers.

He also said that he thinks that Sampdoria is the perfect team for Balotelli to get back to his old form. During his last stint in the Italian Serie A, where he played for AC Milan, the 24-year old striker amassed 14 seasons. However, after transferring to the Premier League last summer, he has made only one goal for Liverpool so far.

The young player’s lacklustre performance in his English league debut has got analysts wondering if his £16 million acquisition price was worth it. He has also been heavily criticized by fans. Currently, there are rumors about him making a comeback to the Italian league.

However, should Sampdoria make good on their offer to get Balotelli, analysts said that they woulde most likely have to use a large chunk of the profits they will potentially get from competing in Europe next year, as the player will likely command a high price. Though, Liverpool is likely to let go of Balotelli for a lower cost than his initial transfer fee.

Sampdoria is currently on a roll in Serie A with just four games remaining in the season. And while they have only settled to 6th in the rankings, the Samps has managed to qualify for next season’s Europa League, something that analysts see would entice Balotelli more into transferring.

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