Real Madrid star, Christiano Ronaldo received the European Golden Boot award after showing an impressive performance last season. Ronaldo has managed several awards since he commenced his career and has played for a couple of clubs in the Barclays premier league including Manchester United.

As he picked the third European golden boot on Wednesday, Ronaldo claimed that he still has many years to showcase what he has to offer in his football career. He received the award after scoring the most goals last season in Europe domestic league. However, he shared the award with Luis Suarez who had been banned from any matches after biting a player during 2014 world cup.

During the ceremony, Ronaldo claimed that he was surprised by the number of people who turned up for the event after their 1-0 win against Liverpool in a champions league match on Tuesday night. Ronaldo said that he will always give his fans the best he can in the pitch as he has a couple of years to go while still at Madrid.

He also added that he values his hard work, passion of the game, assists and goals as he looks forward to become a better player as an individual. Suarez received the award in a different ceremony in Barcelona on 15th October.

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