As his team grabs a 2-0 win over Rayo Vallecano that also strengthened their hold on second place in the la Liga rankings, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo also celebrated a career milestone, as he sinks in his 300th goal for the Whites.

Ronaldo made the momentous goal in the second half of the match. The goal came in at the 68th minute of the match, breaking a scoreless stalemate with the Red Sashes. The forward had Dani Carvajal to thank for, providing him the assist that he needed. Five minutes later, it was Ronaldo’s turn to become the helper, as he set up James Rodriguez for the shot, with Rodriguez outsmarting Rayo goalkeeper David Cobeno and scoring Real’s second point of the game.

Madrid director of institutional relations Emilio Butrgueno was all praces for Ronaldo and his achievement. “What he wants is to always score goals,” Butragueno said of the forward.

“At 2-0 up he was pressing their defenders. He always wants more, that is why he is so great. He is an example for all kids and other professionals, with his character and ambition, which all the greats have. That makes for such a positive contribution, for the team to win so many games.”

However, Ronaldo’s celebration was marred by a yellow card by referee Mario Melero Lopez for supposedly diving in the game. The penalty means that he joins Rodriguez and Toni Kroos in the suspended list for their game against Eibar on Saturday.

Aside from Ronaldo, Gareth Bale also showcased an excellent performance. Bale conducted several attacks that helped Real in pressuring Rayo’s defences. The winger was a surpising addition to the 11-man squad after concerns about his fitness were raised due to an injury.

But Rayo did not sit idly against Real, as they attacked tenaciously since the opening minutes. Alberto Bueno and Adri Embarba contributed significantly for their team’s plays.

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