As Manchester City continue to trail behind Chelsea in the competition for the top position in the Premiere League, former manager Roberto Mancini said current head Manuel Pellegrini was “lucky” to have inherited the current team from him.

“I think Pellegrini was really lucky,” Mancini told the BBC in an interview. “Because he got this team that is a strong team and he has a chance to put in more good players.” He also stressed that there is no excuses for the Chilean not to win a title for the squad.

Pellegrini has come under fire from both the media and team supporters, as Manchester City continue to trail behind league leader Chelsea by six points.  In the Champions League, the City needs to win against Barcelona in the second leg of their match in order to secure a quarterfinals slot. The Barcas won the first leg 2-1.

Manchester City’s struggles continued after being knocked out of the fourth round of the FA Cup by Middlesbrough.  However, Mancini, who help the team win the FA Cup title in 2012, is still confident of the squad.

“It’s my opinion that City is the best team in the Premier League. It’s in second and six points behind Chelsea but I think it’s the best team.” Mancini then adds, “I think City can win a title every year and have a chance – it should and must try to win a title every year.”

“I built the team that is now in second position. I think they play with the same players and I am very proud of this,” he continued to say.

However, Mancini, who is currently in charge of Inter Milan in Serie A, also took note of the team’s current struggle. He offered an advice for the players. “In the Premier League anything can happen right up to the last game, in the last minute. I think they should think that they have a chance to win the title.”

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