In an impressive display of top-notch performance, Real Madrid completely dismantles bottom dweller Granada 9-1 to inch just a point behind current La Liga leader Barcelona.

Gareth Bale provided the Whites with the lead in the 25th minute after managing to break a Granada’s defence after several missed chances. The goal came in as a surprise to many, as Bale has been heavily criticized for supposedly not delivering the points despite his sometimes boisterous display. This is 17th goal of the season.

However, it was Cristiano Ronaldo who poured in the goals in the first half to cement the team’s lead to 4-0. Ronaldo pulled off an impressive eight minute hat trick in the 30th, 36th, and 38th minute. The forward’s first shot came in courtesy of James Rodriguez’s set up. His second and third came in quick succession that saw Granada goalkeeper Oier Olazabla overwhelmed, with the third goal coming from beyond the 20-yard line.

The forward’s attack on the Granada defence continued in the second half, sinking his fourth goal of the match (and the team’s seventh) thanks to an assist coming from Bale. Ronaldo capped his performance with a fifth goal in the last minute of the match.

Striker Karim Benzema was not to be outdone during the match, sinking in Real Madrid’s fifth and seventh goals of the game in the 52th and 56th minutes. Real’s eighth goal of the match was a lucky one as Granada midfielder Diego Mainz fumbled in the 82nd minute, sending the ball back into his own team’s not.

Winger Robert Ibanez managed to save Granada from goalless humiliation by sinking the team’s only point in the 74th minute of the match.

Real’s win eclipses the 4-0 beating they dished on Granada earlier this season and puts them just a point behind Barcelona in the standings.


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