With the two teams seeking to strengthen their ranks, city rivals Real Madrid and Atletico might end up facing one-year transfer bans for allegedly irregularities regarding the signing of youth players.

The development was first reported by Spanish radio show El Larguero, who said that both teams face the same situation that has plagued Barcelona. Last year, the Barcas were found to have violated the regulations on acquiring young players and werer meted with a transfer ban that would last until next year.

Under FIFA rules, clubs are permitted to conduct international youth transfers only when one of the following three conditions are met: 1.) The player’s parents have moved into the country for reasons not related to the transfer, 2.) the player’s home is located just 50 kiiometers from the national border being crossed, and 3.) if the player is between 16 and 18 years old, the transfer must happen within t5he European Union.

While the exact details are yet to be released, it was reported in January that both Real and Atletico have a large number of non-EU players in their youth training pool. According to reports, Atletico has the largest number of non-Spanish players of any La Liga team in their youth camp, with 43 youngsters coming from 26 different countries. On the other hand, Real is also said to have a large number of players of Asian descent in their youth roster.

Real has earlier released a statement saying that they have strictly followed regulations when recruiting young players. However, they also said that team officials have already met with FIFA officials concerning the supposed breaches. On the other hand, an action is reported to be already prepared for Atletico, where they could possibly be suspended for two transfer seasons.

Real has conducted several high-profile acquisitions of young players, most notably the €50 million deal to get talented 16-year old Norwegian Martin Odengaard.

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