While the saga of his contract issues is still looming in the background, Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling might have yet found himself in another controversy, as pictures of him apparently smoking a shisha pipe surfaced online.

The picture, which first appeared in the social media platform SnapChat, has Sterling holding a traditional shisha pipe while supposedly inhaling it, with a caption that read “1 down another 3 to go”, apparently implying there are still more pipes to be smoked. The shisha is a traditional Middle Eastern waterpipe used to smoke fruit-flavored tobacco.

While British newspaper Sunday Mirror claims that the young winger smoked the pipe during a night out with friends, there is no clear indications as there where the image was take , as well as whether Sterling actually did smoke the pipe. Bothe the player and the Liverpool management refused to comment about the image.

Sterling has been controversial in the last few months because of his ongoing contract dispute with the Reds. The issue grew even bigger after the 20-year old claimed in an interview that he has rejected a £100,000-a-week offer from Liverpool. Team manager Brendan Rodgers heavily criticized the interview, accusing Sterling and his handlers of trying to gain sympathy from the public.

Liverpool has earlier stressed that they will not sell Sterling to other clubs. However, sources also revealed that, as of late, Sterling might opt to not sign a new contract with his team and instead consider offers made by other clubs.

Despite all the drama surrounding his contract talks, Sterling said that he believes his team has a large chance of winning the FA Cup. “Liverpool deserve something at the end of this season — the players are fighting to try to make that dream come true,” the winger said.

However, he also added that his team must not lose focus on their current Premier League campaign. “We’ve just got to keep focused and block out the game at Wembley. It’s credit to ourselves for getting there, but now we’ve got to block it, go into the next game against Newcastle and be 100 percent.”

Liverpool is set to face Aston Villa in FA Cup semis on Sunday, but before that, they are set to do battle against Newcastle in the Premier League.



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