After months of speculations, young winger Raheem Sterling is said to have decided to leave Liverpool and is set to inform the team once contract talks resume.

The development was reported by several news outlets, who also said that Sterling’s agent Aidy Ward is expected to inform the club about his ward’s deci9sion when the two parties meet on Friday. The player himself is said to have already personally told team manager Brendan Rodgers of his desire to leave a week ago before the start of their match against Chelsea.

According to the reports, the young Sterling came to the decision after he supposedly felt “bullied” into signing a new contract when the details of the new deal were leaked into the media. He is also said to have felt that he was not protected by his team from the negative publicity that has hounded him in the last few months.

Several people from Liverpool, including outgoing captain Steven Gerrard, earlier expressed their opinion that Sterling should be persuaded to stay. Gerrard remarked that, should the youngster stay, their manager would ensure that he be given the opportunities he wants.

The 20-year winger’s contract talks have been very controversial in the last few months, with the negotiations being suspended midway after the two parties were not able to agree on terms. In April, Rodgers criticized Sterling’s handlers after the player went on to be interview by media regarding the contract talks, where he revealed that he has rejected a £100,000-a-week offer from the team, with his party insisting that he be given £150,000 instead. Retired Liverpool Jamie Carragher dismissed the winger’s claims and said that he has yet earned the right to make such demands.

Should he leave, Manchester City is expected to immediately bid for Sterling, as the team has earlier expressed great interest in the player. However, Liverpool is yet to comment on the development.


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