With his team struggling to avoid relegation in the Bundesliga, Hamburg’s Rafael Van Der Vaart dismisses speculations that he is set to move to the American Major League Soccer (MLS).

“Everything’s open at the moment, but I can imagine playing in America,” Vand Der Vaart said of the speculations. “I want to keep playing at a good level for a few years.”

The Dutch midfielder is reportedly being eyed by MLS club Sporting Kansas City for next season. Sporting Kansas CEO Robb Heineman has also said a month back that his team had “productive” talks with Van Der Vaart.

“At the moment I am only concerned with the next eight games, that’s all that matters after that date, there is no new information,” the 32-year old earlier stressed in an interview posted on the team’s website.

When asked about his future with Hamburg, Vajn Der Vaart said that he has already spoken with team director Deitmar Beierdorfer that there is no need yet to talk about a new deal between him and HSV. ”

“No matter how the season ends, it was clear that I would not prolong. HSV is and always be my club. I hope that I’ll be able to return in a few years — that’s how it looks right now,” the midfielder stressed.

Van Der Vaart also freely admitted that his current performance in the league has been disappointing.  “Because of my old clubs, I’d grown used to playing at the top, and my wish was to make the Europa League one more time, and so the two last years were disappointing.”

However, he said that he is still optimistic of the the team’s performance.  “We have to remain calm,” he stated. “We have quality, we know that, but we need to get this quality into the games, not just in training, and I hope I can help with that.”

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