With his team seemingly not giving him enough playing time and instead putting him on loan to Manchester United, AS Monaco Radamel Falcao answered rumors of him moving to Juventus.

“Juventus looking for me?” the 29-year old player mused during an interview. “They talk a lot, but now I’m focused 100% on Manchester United.”

The striker was put on a season-long loan to Manchester United for a sum of £6 million, with United also getting the option of making his move permanent for £43.5 million. However, observers say that his time at Manchester has been rather disappointing so far, with him only managing to sink in four goals in 22 matches.

Analysts also noted that Falcao seems to increasingly taking the backseat in Manchester coach Louis van Gaal’s plays, with him not being in the starting line-up for the crucial matches against Arsenal and Liverpool.

Falcao said that he is well aware of these concerns and acknowledged that he needs to step up to prove his worth to secure more playing time. He also noted that in the event that everything doesn’t pan out, he will have to find a team where he would be able to get regular playing time.

But the Colombian player refused to talk about his transfer plans.  “Before the end of the season there are some crucial matches and I hope that this situation will change,” he said.

Juventus has shown keen interest in the striker for some time now, with the Serie A team initiating talks with Monaco for a transfer earlier this month. Falcaoi’s agent Giovanni Branchini also revealed that he nearly did transfer to the Juves’ side last year.

“Last summer he was really close to joining Juventus,” Branchini told Bleacher Report. “Then Manchester United’s unbeatable offer arrived and due to the high costs involved, it was not possible for him to join the Bianconeri. Let’s see what will happen in July. Maybe we will try again.”

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