Puma ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG Review

The ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG Men’s Soccer Cleats is built for speed and perfect control on the ball. It’s made with special MatryxEvo fabric that offers great lightness to the boot. The intervention with carbon fiber also ensures that the boot is stable to optimize support in each movement.

The ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG is one of the best lightweight soccer boots on the market right now. It packs the latest soccer boot technology to help players maximize their potential. 

This synthetic boot offers the lateral support you need when running at high-speeds and taking instant turns.

The key to the unrivalled performance of this soccer boot is its rigidity. It enables fast players to make explosive movements like quick deceleration and fast direction changes. Here, I’ll provide a detailed review of the ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG Men’s Soccer Cleats to let you know if it’s the right boot for you.

Look and Feel of the ULTRA 1.2

Puma ULTRA 1
Puma ULTRA 1
Puma ULTRA 1

The ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG Men’s Soccer Boot is a lightweight shoe that comes in two colours, blue with yellow decorations and orange with black and white embellishments. The fine colourful threads are woven into the lateral side of the upper that keeps the boot in shape and structure. They are made of polyester, carbon, and reactive aramid fibres.

In between the laces is a MatryxEvo logo, which is basically the technology used to make the boot’s upper. There is also a Puma Cat logo on the upper, drawn in alert yellow, which is also a cool detail that makes the book look awesome.

The ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG comes with a full lace closure design to ensure that it fits tightly. There is also a removable sock liner with a sock collar that offers a snug fit for everyone. The bold Puma Wordmark pattern printed at the back-lateral side makes the boot look wonderful and unique.

What’s more interesting about the design of this boot is the Nano Grip technology used in the sock liner construction. It helps lock the foot in place when playing. There is a slight amount of padding and additional microfiber on the wide toe box and the forefoot area for extra comfort on your toes.

Overall, this boot offers much flexibility as far as the feel is concerned, but the upper might not be the softest option as it doesn’t have much padding. It moves nicely on your foot and offers a great touch on the ball just like the one you would get Flyknit upper on the Mercurial and Superfly Elite boots. So, if you are looking for a football shoe that will offer a top-notch barefoot feel, you can’t go wrong with this boot. It offers a better barefoot feel than most of the competition.


Puma ULTRA 1
Puma ULTRA 1
Puma ULTRA 1

The upper of the ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG is made with the MatryxEvo technology that makes it an extremely lightweight boot. This special upper is one of the distinctive features that make this boot stand out from other Puma models.

It comes in a unique streaking pattern running the length of the shoe and its textile is impressive. The textile is made up of various coated yarns that don't need extra coating on the surface. It makes the shoe to be well-equipped for greater grip when handling the ball.

There are three different types of materials used in the ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG, including the polyester yarn, aramid fibres, and the carbon yarn. The polyester yarn makes up the majority of the upper and it’s meant to offer the softness and the sock-like feel when playing in this boot.

Aramid fibres are a structural type of yarn added to areas that need more structure, like the lateral of the boot, for more responsiveness. The carbon yarn is super lightweight and is used for cutting down much weight from the boot, making it very convenient.

All these yarns are combined to make one layer of material that is super thin, lightweight, flexible, responsive, and extremely durable. However, it does have a GripControl Pro finishing for a significant command on the attack.

You might wonder why this boot comes in one layer. The truth is that the material used to make the upper is versatile and well-processed to offer the best of everything you need from the upper of a football boot. This makes the boot very lightweight and flexible, allowing you to run, shoot, dribble, or pass the ball with ease.


Puma ULTRA 1 Outsole

The insole of this boot is fully removable, and it features a liner material with the Nano Grip technology. This technology makes it feel nice on foot. It’s made of a single layer of white foam which is super lightweight. After all, Puma's idea and inspiration are to make a very lightweight and convenient boot.

The ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG comes with the Ultra-fast Pebax SpeedUnit outsole inspired by the running spike DNA for fast acceleration. Its outsole makes it an excellent boot for playing on firm natural surfaces and artificial grass.

The moulded studs offer the traction you need to thrive and triumph when playing on firm grounds. This boot features an external plastic heel attached directly to the soleplate and is more rigid for great performance and added flexibility.

  • It is super lightweight.
  • Has a very responsive upper.
  • It is made with extremely durable material.
  • It offers unmatched flexibility.
  • It’s a great boot for explosive movements.
  • Has a well-designed centra lacing system.
  • It features a V-cut design at the back.
  • The single-layer upper makes it a bit uncomfortable for some people.
  • GripControl Pro finish may fade after some time.

Final Thoughts

Puma ULTRA 1
Puma ULTRA 1
Puma ULTRA 1

The ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG is a decent boot that feels really nice on foot, especially with the thin upper. It’s comfortable and moves well with your foot, and the Ultra-fast Pebax SpeedUnit outsole makes it great for fast-pace players.

When you wear the ULTRA 1.2 FG/AG, it feels very light, though its comfort cannot be compared to high-end comfy boots. Don’t hesitate to buy this boot if you are looking for a quality lightweight soccer shoe that will also offer excellent grip and ball control.

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  • Lace closure for a snug fit
  • Dynamic Motion System outsole for freedom of movement and support
  • Ultra lightweight Peba base material for support and comfort
  • Advanced stud configuration for enhanced multidirectional traction
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PUMA Ultra Ultimate FG/AG Men's Soccer Cleats (us_Footwear_Size_System, Adult, Men, Numeric, Medium, Numeric_8_Point_5) Black
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  • Lightweight removable sockliner with NanoGrip technology keeps the foot from slipping inside the...
  • FG/AG: Firm ground/Artificial ground outsole
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PUMA Men's Ultra Play Firm Artifical Ground Sneaker, Black-Copper Rose, 10
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  • DYNAMIC: TPU SPEEDPLATE outsole provides exceptional traction and propulsion for quick movements.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Has a regular tongue construction for an easy, customized fit.
  • VERSATILE TRACTION MASTER: Offers excellent stability and grip on both firm ground and artificial...
SaleBestseller No. 6
PUMA Ultra Pro FG/AG Ultra Orange/Puma White/Blue Glimmer 11 D (M)
  • ULTRAWEAVE upper
  • TPU SPEEDPLATE outsole
  • FG/AG: Firm Ground/Artificial Ground
  • PUMA Formstrip on the lateral side

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