The Puma 365 NetFit CT is a shoe designed for both style and performance. The shoe has customizable shoe laces and is made out of form fitting material. In this review, I’m going to break down the pros and cons of the shoe.


The color of the Puma 365 NetFit CT is orange. The outer sole is made from rubber and the hue is a darkish orange compared to the rest of the shoe, which is much lighter. The colorway of the shoe is called fiery curl. Also, the upper part of the outside of the shoe is made from synthetic material, the inside of the shoe contains mesh material, and there is synthetic rubber on the sides of the shoe. The mesh material is there to bring comfort to the shoe, while the synthetic rubber is there for protection and durability.

The inside of the shoe contains a lot of cushion making the shoe heavier in weight. Most of the cushioning is distributed to the heel part and sides of the shoe. The insole is very thick thanks to the amount of cushion that was placed inside. Furthermore, the lacing system of the shoe is like something I’ve never seen before. The NetFit lace system is designed to make your feet more comfortable by fitting your feet just right. For example, you can choose to have the lace come all the way down if you want. Or you can choose to have your lace positioned more upwards. So, the options are limitless.


The pros of the Puma 365 include comfort and flexibility. First, the customizable shoe laces provide stability and support to your feet Second, the form fitting material increases the comfort level of the shoes by adapting to the size and shape of your feet. Third, the rubber outsoles of the shoes give you grip on the soccer or football field because it easier for you to turn quickly. Fourth, it was designed to withstand hard surfaces, which makes the shoe wearable on any type of surface.


The cons of the Puma 365 include the large fit and striking ability. First, the large fit of the Puma 365 can be uncomfortable or unappealing to some people. Second, there have been complaints that the shoe makes striking more difficult.

In conclusion, the Puma 365 NetFit CT is the perfect blend of style and substance. This shoe offers top of the line foot support and comfort. The indoor outsole provides great traction on hard surfaces. Also, it is designed specifically to enhance your performance on the field.

This product basically has everything you would want in a shoe. It is comfortable, stylish, and durable. So, whether you are playing sports or going out, this shoe satisfies your needs. Lastly, even with all the excellent features this shoe possesses, they are still priced reasonably and are affordable.

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