Despite reports of Yaya Toure possibly leaving Manchester City this summer, teammate Wilfried Bony insists that their fellow players want him to stay with the team.

Striker Bony made the remark after Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk said that his ward is “already 90 percent” sure to leave the City at the end of this season. “We hope he stays, he’s a big player here and we know everything he is doing for the club,” he said. “Look at everything he has done over the years, what an important player he has been.”

Toure helped Man City win two Premier League titles since he moved in from Barcelona in 2010. He also contributed in the team’s FA CUP and Capital One Cup wins, scoring in both. However, the 31-year old midfielder has been under heavy fire from critics this season due to an underwhelming performance.

His relationship with the team’s management has also soured in the last few months. Last year, Seluk controversially lambasted City officials for apparent lack of respect to the player, after they supposedly forgot to celebrate his birthday. The incident drew a lot of flak from a lot of people both in and out of the team.

However, the 26-year old Bony insisted that his senior should be given some slack. He asserted that Toure’s qualities as a player far outweighs the negative feedback he has been getting lately. Bony also said that his teammate has been in a difficult situation this season, as the injuries that have befallen him were not light ones. Toure is said to be instrumental in convincing Bony to move in from Swansea at the start of 2015.

Inter Milan is said to be one of the teams with the strongest desire to get Toure, with manager Roberto Mancini keen on getting the player to his side. Mancini was instrumental in getting Toure to the City when the former was still their manager.

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