While his team is doing well in the Premier League, Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho says that there is still a lot of things that he needs to do to improve his personal performance in the competition.

“I think I still have to improve,” Coutinho said in an interview posted on the team’s official website.  “I have not improved yet. I scored a few goals last month but I need to improve,” he adds, noting of his performance in the team’s last few games.

The Brazilian has only managed to score five goals this season, which puts his total goals for the Reds at 13 in 92 games after joining the team in 2013. However, he proved to be an indispensable in giving Liverpool an offensive edge in the current Premier League season.

Coutinho also said that he wants to reach a  higher goal in his career. “I have this ambition, this objective of improving finishing. In the position I play,” he stated. “I need to score goals to help the team and create plays. Therefore I must improve my goalscoring skills.”

On another matter, Coutinho also said that he is greatly overwhelmed by the support that is being given to him by Liverpool fans. “It’s very good to receive this warmth from the fans. It makes you want to improve even more, to repay this kind of thing on the field,” the 22-year old player enthusiastically said.

Coutinho was also very delighted upon seeing the banner reading “O Magico’. unfurled for him by fans during one of the team’s recent matches. “I remember we went to the field for our warm-up and the banner was there – it gave me goose bumps. I got really excited and found it really cool.,” he narrated in a documentary about him.

“I felt really honoured.” Coutinho added that the support serves to further motivate him to improve his game.

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