While his team faced a lot of criticism for their performance in the current season, Manchester United defender Phil Jones chose to look at it positively, as he says that all the negative commentaries have helped the team get more motivated to improve their performance.

“People criticising does spur you on. You are always going to get critics,” Jones said in an interview with ESPN. “We are at a massive club here at Manchester United and if things aren’t going as well as they should be then there is always going to be people wanting to have a pop at you.”

Jones stressed that, being professional players, they have to face criticisms head on. “We just take it on the chin. It is water off a duck’s back to us. We know if we continue to produce performances like this week and last then I am sure we will be fine.”

The defender also mused on how many critics though that the team would be defeated at Anfield.  “We have proved people wrong up to now. People can assume and predict and it is up to us to prove them all wrong. That is what the lads enjoy doing. We enjoy proving them wrong.”

However, Jones was quick to reiterate that his team don’t simply shrug criticism aside. “We have been well aware of the criticism we have had.”

Jones proved to be instrumental in providing a solid center-back defence in Manchester’s last few games, alongside Chris Smalling. “It had been documented that me and Chris were going to be the next centre-backs at United but it has not gone how we would have liked it,” he noted, saying that there are still a lot that they have to do to create a better performance.

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward is said to be currently in talks with Jones and Schilling, along with Ashley Young, for new contracts after their current ones expire at the end of the season.

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