As player transfers continue to happen these past few weeks, Manchester City manage Manuel Pellegrini says that Liverpool’s Raheem Sterrling could cost as much as £100 million if put on the trading block Pellegrini made the remark when interviewed by ESPN about the current status of talks about retaining Manchester’s own James Milner.

“Can you get Sterling? Maybe if you go to Liverpool with £100 million you can,” Pellegrini said in the interview. “It is important to have English players but can you sign them? You are talking about trying to sign players from clubs that won’t sell them.” he further said of such a prospect.

Sterling is currently in talks with his parent team for a renewal of his player contract. Experts say that there would be a potential buyout clause that would be added to the 20-year old player’s contract if talks push through.

Pellegrini said that such a situation is similar to their current predicament with Milner. The latter’s contract is set to expire by the end of the season and will be free to leave Etihad Stadium. However, the team has already laid out a new deal for the 29-year old, which reports say looks satisfactory to Milner, though he still needs to settle the issue of regular playing time.

The Manchester City head also stressed the importance of securing Milner for their campaign. “There are players who are better technically. There are quicker players. There are players who head the ball better. But show me a player who does all the things that Milner does well and there isn’t one. And whatever position I put him in he plays well.”

“It’s very difficult to find another Milner — an intelligent player, with big balls and a massive heart,”Pelligrini emphasized. He also said that there is not much of a prospect for them in the English player market.

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