Fans have taken to the high court to voice out their opinion that the UEFA financial fair play rules should be scrapped, after Paris Saint Germain gets punished for violating said rules.

The group, under the banner name Association of Angry Fans Against Financial Fair Play, brought the case against UEFA to the Paris High Court, claiming that certain parts of the FFP rules inhibit team investment, maintaining only the established elite and not create free competition.

Lawyer Fracois Brunet expressed the group’s disapproval with the said rules. “As an expert in competition law, I have always been concerned by this rule that prevents the emergence of new clubs,” he explained.

“It’s not only the future of PSG that concerns me. It’s the future of the whole of French and European football. We can’t let the Champions League become a sort of private club in which only four or five clubs can reach the semifinals.”

Under the FFP rules, clubs playing in the CVhampions and Europa Leagues are required to balance out their finances. UEFA officials said that the rule is designed to curb excessively high cost investments and transfers made by club owners.

Laste year, PSG, along with Manchester United, were meted out with punishment after the governing body found both clubs to be in violation of the FFP. In the case of PSG, the team’s deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority was found to be overvalued, which left the Parisians outside the limits set by the FFP. The team agreed to pay a €60 million penalty and will also have to reduce the number of available players they have for next season’s Champions League.

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