Arsenal midfielder Alex Oxlade claims that he loves playing in the attacking position for arsenal, but adds to say that they need to enhance their defense if they want to finish among the top this season. Arsenal survived from going behind on Saturday following a 1-1 draw against Tottenham.

During the match, the team had enjoyed possession but were unable to make perfect shots on target that would reflect to the score sheet. However, due to some lapse in concentration in the defense, Mathieu Flamini was unable to control the ball and Christian Eriksen managed to snatch it and made a swift counter.

Oxlade admits that this is part of arsenal’s game which will eventually hurt them if proper precautions are not taken. He also claims that they sends a lot of their players forward leaving themselves more vulnerable and exposed to a counter attack. The team however has a number of players who are injured and Wenger was unable to explain why his squad is being affected by soft tissue injuries.

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