The Brazilian star, Oscar was named among the first XI during a premier league match against Arsenal that went down on Sunday at Emirates stadium. He was given a forward central role and was supported by his counterparts Ramires and Eden Hazard.

Arsenal had won 8 straight premier league matches and wished to extend their glory in this match. In the 16th minute, Chelsea almost took the lead following a long pass from fabregas that split arsenal defense and gave Oscar a chance to run clear after the ball.

However, arsenal goalkeeper, David Ospina could not watch the Brazilian take the ball before him and risk a goal. Ospina rushed off his line and collided head on with Oscar who had already touched the bouncing ball towards the goal.

Oscar was later substituted during the second half after appearing weak and groggy. During an interview with sky television after the match, Mourinho confirmed that Oscar has gone to a hospital for scans and checkups to get clear results concerning his condition.

When asked if the striker suffered concussion, he said that he doesn’t know anything. He also added that Oscar went to hospital during halftime and they were waiting for the results as soon as he is discharged.

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