After his team ended with a scoreless draw against Chelsea last Sunday, Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud says that his team will not change their approach against their rivals.

“It’s true maybe they are not [playing] the same game as us, but we are not going to change our game and I think they are not going to change their game,” Giroud said when asked whether changing their gameplay against the Blues would have yielded a different result.

The striker also noted that Chelsea seemed to contented with the outcome of the match. “I think they are pleased with that and if they are champions, what can you say?” he remarked. “They have to win just one game or maybe have a draw, so you have to be honest with yourself, they are ten points ahead with five games to go.”

Giroud’s squad pressed for a goal throughout the match, with them having several close opportunities. However, the Gunners never managed to break into Chelsea’s defences. For their part, the Blues also had several shots at the goal, with winger Oscar’s first half attempt being the closest, though it was cleared off the line.

Earlier, former Gunners striker Thierry Henry suggested that, because of the results of the match, the team needs to recruit new players to give them a better chance. However, Giroud insisted that their current squad is capable of pushing for the title. “Hopefully if we can have less injuries, keep the same group and with maybe one or two new players, we are going got have a great season I am sure, but you never know,” he said.

“I know we can still improve ourselves and that is what we have been doing since I signed for Arsenal. I am proud about it and pleased with that.”

The draw maintained Chelszea’s 10-point lead over second-placer Arsenal and has them only two wins away from winning the Premier League title.

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