After a picture of him apparently smoking legal high nitrous oxide went viral online, sources reveal that Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling won’t be punished by his team for the behavior.

According to reports gathered by ESPNFC, the Liverpool management have decided not to hand out sanctions to the young winger, saying that while the incident was unwelcomed, Sterling has not done anything illegal. The management is also said to be avoiding any unnecessary confrontation with the 20-year old player prior to the resolution of his ongoing contract talks.

The stance of the management echoes the earlier statement made by the Reds’ manager Brendan Rodgers, who said that Sterling was simply a young man who has committed a mistake and that he should not be treated harshly. Rodgers also said that he will personally talk to Stgerling regarding the incident.

Sterling’s latest controversy started when an image of him supposedly smoking a traditional shisha pipe went viral online. This was then followed by a video published on newspaper The Sun’s website on Monday, where the young winger is shown to be inhaling nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as “laughing gas”. The latest images show Sterling and teammate Jordon Ibe again apparently smoking a shisha.

Meanwhile, Liverpool executive director Ian Ayre is still optimistic that his team will be able to retain Sterling for a “longer time”. “Raheem is a Liverpool player and has two years left on his contract. We expect Raheem Sterling to be here for a long time,” Ayre enthusiastically said.

Despite the controversies, Sterling still managed to give an impressive performance on Monday’s match against Newcastle, where his opening goal contributed to his team’s 2-0 win.  “Goal scoring is something he’s getting better at all the time. Credit to him. His rise during my three seasons here has been incredible,” midfielder Joe Allen said of his scoring in the match.

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