Nike Phantom GT Elite Review

 The Phantom GT Elite FG boot is a tried and tested one wrapped up with what it takes to be a soccer player's favorite. If you're a fan of Nike, then you must have heard or even tried the Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision. 

Well, the idea behind Nike Phantom GT Elite FG is that it comes to replace the Phantom Venom and Vision. 

Essentially, it's a combination of the best properties of its predecessors to give it a unique structure and feel that captures the world of soccer players.

The first thing you'll notice when you get hold of the boot is how sleeker it looks compared to its predecessors, and i really love the look. Additionally, the moment you slid your feet into these boots, you will definitely be a witness to the extra comfort you'll feel.

Nike must have thought of extra functionality when designing the Phantom GT Elite FG because it's richly embedded in the boot. Undeniably, the features of this boot-from its look and feel, upper technology, to its sole, you'll see some major advances that should excite any ambitious soccer player. There's so much to learn about this product, and that's what this Nike Phantom GT Elite FG review seeks to do. Let's dive straight into it.

Look and Feel of the Phantom GT Elite

Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite

The Nike Phantom GT Elite FG boot is elegant and simple. This is an advantage it has over its senior counterparts (Vision and Venom). A well-designed, yet simple boot is always a plus for me. When you're on the field, you'll need to wear a boot that will look good on you and also offer you maximum comfort as you run up and down. This is exactly what you get from the Phantom GT Elite.

If you like lightweight boots, then you'll get exactly that. The Phantom GT Elite is lighter than the previous Phantom designs, which gives you more flexibility when on the field. Moreover, it's a soft boot that doesn't give you discomfort or create pressure points even when you pull laces really tight. It is however extremely tightly fitted.

There's more good news about this product to soccer players with wide feet. The boot takes players with wide feet into consideration. It is tightly fitted as I stated earlier, but it really helps with discomfort because of having wide feet. The design easily accommodates wide feet. When you're running on the field, you'll be free enough to feel any discomfort.

Another important aspect that most soccer players are keen to consider when choosing boots is whether they are stretchy and elastic. Nike factored this into the design of the Phantom GT because it's a major component in it. 

It's evident that athletes have different foot shapes, and this can be a challenge to some if they can't get a pair of boots that can fit them comfortably. Well, there's no reason to worry about this because the Phantom GT Elite FG has a stretchy and elastic design that can align with your foot shape quite well.

Additionally, this boot allows you to feel more of the ball when you're on the playing field. It can be difficult for a player to be creative If they can't feel the ball, The design of the Phantom GT allows you to have a closer boot-to-ball experience, which is a plus for players who want to transform intention into action on the pitch.

Upper/Technology of the Phantom GT Elite

Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite

When you hear of GT, the first thing that comes to your mind is cars that run really fast. Certainly, that's the same kind of experience Nike hope you will get from Nike Phantom GT Elite. Fast players love playing with boots like these because they don't hinder their movement and ball control.

Well, it's the technology in this boot that makes this possible. The technology is referred to as generative texture and it comes in handy to generate more confidence for players when on the ball. The structure of the texture is patterned in such a way that you have the right degree of grip when on the ball.

Fundamentally, the firm-grasp texture on the upper part of the boot allows for supreme control of the ball. The generative texture is bigger on the areas you're likely to use for better ball control and thinner on the areas that you don't need to put a curve on the ball.

In addition, the texture will give you the ability to have more firmness on the crosses you make. For example, if you're an attacker, the generative texture will enable you to optimize your touch for dribbling, passing, and shooting to unlock opposition defenses.

Also, the upper part is soft and durable. Players don't have to struggle with pressure points because Nike Phantom GT Elite FG is designed to reduce the discomfort, they are likely to feel when moving up and down on the field.

Insole/Outsole of the Phantom GT Elite

Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite

The insoles of the Nike Phantom GT Elite FG boot are removable and are designed for extra comfort. If you ask any player, they will tell you that their number one choice of boot is the one that gives them comfort, whether they are practicing or playing competitive matches. Furthermore, the insoles are made of quality padded material to allow players to have ease of movement when they are busy on the field.

The outsole is also designed to maximum the functionality of the boot to give players the experience they are looking for. Players, especially those who play in attacking positions, move very fast and change directions quickly. They can only be successful in such movements if they have the right boot.

This is where the Nike Phantom GT Elite FG boot comes in. The high-performance material on the outsole gives the soleplate flexibility to support the quick movements that players make. That is why many believe that this is the best boot for fast-paced players.

Moreover, the outsole is thick and denser to improve control and touch. When you are dribbling past defenders, shooting, and passing the ball, you need a boot that can give you optimal performance and Nike Phantom GT Elite is able to offer you exactly that. With this boot, you will be able to make the type of movement that an expert attacker would want to make.

Also, the soleplate is designed to have more traction to allow players to make agile and quick cuts at fast speeds. For players who like to make speedy change of direction, the firm grip on the outsole and the split studs allow them to do that with utmost proficiency. The plate responds according to the movement you are making when sprinting. This allows the boot to be more responsive, which is a plus for fast-paced players.

In the same vein, the boot allows you to sprint and change direction in diverse surfaces. This is a major advantage if you're the kind of player who plays on different surfaces.

Irrespective of whether you're playing on natural or artificial pitches, the boot will still give you the performance that you need. Certainly, whether you're on or off the ball, the kind of movement that you're able to make will always keep defenders sweating. They just can't tell the next movement you're about to take, thus bring in a sense of unpredictability.


  • It has a soft and durable upper.
  • It has a split sole for more flexibility.
  • It features a thick and dense outsole for improved control and touch.
  • Firm grip on the soleplate.
  • It's designed for speed and agility.
  • It features generative texture technology for more control and confidence on the ball.
  • It's tightly fitted, but ideal for players with wide feet.


  • It might be a bit costly for most people.
  • It's tightly fitted. You might need to go half a size up. 

Final Thoughts

Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite
Nike Phantom GT Elite

The Nike Phantom GT Elite FG boot has great features that are enough to replace the Phantom Vision and Venom. Some of the stand-out features are its innovative generative texture technology, its lightweight characteristic, its thick and dense outsole for extra control and touch, as well as its soft and durable upper.

If you're looking for a pair of soccer boots that can provide you with exceptional traction, great ball control, and a quick response touch, Nike Phantom GT Elite FG is one you should highly consider.

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