Despite facing a tough American defence, the Danish men’s football team managed to streak past the United States 3-2 in Wednesday’s match, thanks to an excellent play by Nicklas Bendtner.

Bendtner scored Danes’ first goal during the first half after they were outgunned by the Americans for the opening goal. With the US taking the lead in the second half, the former Arsenal forward forced the match into a second deadlock by sinking his second goal in the 83rd minute. The game was ultimately decided during injury time, with Bendtner pulling his third to complete the hat trick.

Fans celebrated after Bendtner completed the trick, with memes sprouting on the internet featuring the center-forward. Bendtner is well known in the online community for his eccentric personality, as seen in his many instagram posts, as well as his penchant for referring to himself as “Lord”.

He is also noted for being very outspoken, most recently when he said in an interview that he is unhappy with the lack of playing time at his current team Wolfsburg, having been included in only four starts since joining the team.

On the other side, the Americans proved to be a tough opponent for the Danes, managing to lead for most of the game. Jozy Altidore made the team’s first goal in the first half and helped set up teammate Aron Johansson for the second goal in the second half.

However, the team also had to do battle without captain Clint Dempsey, who was out due to injury and was replaced by Michael Bradley. Defender Jermaine Jones was also not present due to injuries. US team coach Jurgen Klinsmann also made several key changes in his starting lineup from last month.

“We have to learn from this and get better,” Bradley saiud, looking positively at their loss.

Paul Koroma

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