After an intense friendly match between Brazil and Chile, Brazilian star Neymar has come out and voiced his opposition to the rough play that Chilean Gary Medel showed against him during the match.

During the first half of the match, Medel, who currently plays for FC Inter-Milan, tackled the Barcelona forward hard after a free kick. Afterwards, Neymar was seen to be in pain. Video footage of the incident revealed Medel’s foot hitting his calf.  However, the midfielder was never given a card.

“That can’t be considered part of the game, no,” Neymar said during an interview. “If we say that is part of the game, then the name [of the sport] is wrong. We can’t call it football — we should call it UFC,” he added, referring to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts outfit.

“I am the one who suffers the pain,” he noted. “I think it is because of the rivalry [between Brazil and Chile], and you end up suffering because of it.”

Neymar also noted the way officials handled the incident. “But what can we do?” he said. “The referee didn’t see it. He’s there but he didn’t see it. There are four officials and nobody saw anything.”

The Brazilian also commented on referee Martin Atkinson’s officiating. “We have someone on the pitch who’s in charge, and he has to issue a punishment. You have to have an eye on these things,” he asserted.

However, Medel was quick to defend himself, saying that everything is all part of the game. In his official Twitter account, the Chilean said “Tackles are normal in a game. Some players do theatre, others play football … it’s a pity that not everyone gets on with the game.”

Brazil won the match 1-0 thanks to the goal by Roberto Firmino in the 72nd minute.

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