While he is well received in Barcelona ever since his entry into the team a few years back, star forward Neymar still dispelled rumors that he is planning to follow long-time friend Alexis Sanchez and move to the Premier League.

When asked by reporters if such a plan exists, Neymar said “As for playing in England myself, I’m very happy playing for Barcelona and I still have a long road to walk here.”

Upon his entry to Barcelona in 2013, Neymar formed a strong on-court partnership, as well as off-court friendship, with fellow forward Sanches up until the latter moved to Arsenal last year. Neymar also got to jive in well with other Barcelona players like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

The Brazilian gladly described his partnership with Sanchez. “Alexis is a big friend,” he stated, “and someone who I had the privilege of playing with at Barcelona. We used to get along very well on and off the field, so I’m very happy to see him so well at Arsenal.”

He added that he had a great time playing against Sanchez, who also plays for the Chilean national team, during internationals. Neymar’s Brazil won 1-0 against Sanchez’ Chile in last Sunday’s friendly at the Emirates Stadium.

For his part, Sanchez also has choice words for his former teammate. “Neymar raised everyone’s spirits as he is a very joyful person,” he said. “I hope he never changes.

“His happiness is contagious and that’s something I really like,” Sanchez added Regarding his quality, I cannot come up with something new. Everybody knows how good he is. He dares to so some stuff with the ball no one would dare to that. That’s the beauty of football.”

While there is still no official statement, French newspaper Le Parisien reported that Paris Saint Germain is also interested in opening talks with Neymar, seeking him as a replacement for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose contract will expire next year.

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