Every other Saturday without those action-packed EPL fixtures are frustrating already. The anticipation is continually rising, and not even the ongoing pre-season games can quench that ever-ending thirst. 3 more weekends and our beloved league will be back right in our waiting arms.

Since the break in May, many has changed in England. Including coaches, players, rules and even fans loyalty. Ahead of another 9-month of slick and beautiful football at its heavenly finest, here are things to expect when the 2016/2017 season resumes proper.


The basement boys won’t be having a shot at the title next season. In as much as we would all love some other team pull a Leicester City on us once more, it won’t be happening. That was why Arsenal, Chelsea and United all tried to put asunder to the team’s chemistry formed by the trio of Vardy, Mahrez and Kante. Chelsea have succeeded, and Mahrez’s future at the Kings Power outfit is still under doubts.

Besides, the traditional top 4, joined by City and Tottenham are all making necessary moves in order to come out victorious next season. We can only have one winner next May, and it will be one of this 6 for sure.


Many believe the gentle and pacifying Diego Costa was a major reason the F.A came out with their new rules. For whatever reason they did, it will sure yield maximum results in terms of cooling tempers.

We will be seeing more bans, more cards and more retrospective punishments, especially in the first half of the season. Even as things get more intense towards the tail end of the season when the battle for the top spot, top 4 and relegation zones begins, tempers will rise again. More fines will also make the F.A richer. That’s definitely good business.


It was Vardy, Payet, Iheanacho and Rashford inspiring the old and young last season. We will be seeing more of that next season. Zlatan, Zelalem and a host of others should be joining the list too.

Wenger, Guardiola, Conte and Klopp all have a handful of youngsters in their sides that have began to shine in training sessions and pre-seasons, a few of them will earn promotion to the senior team and get to experience the real action next season.

Every tactician will be mixing things up with the young and old members of the squad in order to get desired results at all fronts. New names will definitely get on our lips next season. Hope they aren’t too mouthful!!!


We won’t get to see the full effects of Britain from the European Union until some 5 years time, but the EPL will start preparing for it as from next season. The home-grown quota for each team is likely to be increased, leaving clubs with no choice than to concentrate on developing their academy players and age-grade teams. At least it would give the youngsters a chance to turn out real good and not just live on the media hype to shine.

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