New Balance Furon v6 Pro FG Review

You will fall in love instantly, the first time you set eyes on the Blue Cobalt dynamite-laced Furon V6 Pro FG boots. I know I did. ?  

Apart from the boots' lightweight, it is also comfortable and has elastic collar knitting that provides incredible sock-fit feeling.

It allows you to experience an ergonomic performance on solid pitches thanks to the advanced light nylon boot body, hyper-looped lacing system, and bottom toe spring on the New Balance Furon V6 FG.

Besides, the Furon v6 Pro FG boasts of an attractive boot design, lightweight and fit weave stretch on the upper side, which gives the boot amazing shape retention. Nevertheless, you will fall for the boot at first sight because of its attractive design and the perfect fit that compliments it all.

Look and Feel of the Furon v6 Pro

New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro

The first thing you will notice about the boot, when you remove them from the box, is the blue comic style that alleviates the boot’s design. You will not want to remove the boots once you try them, as you develop an attachment. 

The fit is perfect and comfortable to wear anytime. They allow you to appreciate the roomy feeling on them and the hypo knit top design and fit weave that provides focused support and stretch.

The New Balance Furon V6 FG boot has unique features that make them fit perfectly. More so, the light fit weave stretches on the upper side of the boot locking in the foot, which makes you not feel the boot’s tightness. 

The elastic knit collar on the boot stretches concurrently as you move your foot, which helps maintain stability on firm pitches. In addition to the boot design, you can never go wrong with that sock-fit feeling on the Furon V6 FG boots for the best breaking and fast speeds on solid ground.

Upper/Technology of the Furon v6 Pro

New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro

The grips on the bottom side of the boot add to the unique features of the Furon V6 Pro boot. They allow athletes to move in different directions with ease as well as maintaining speed and stability on the ground. As such, you will experience minimal sliding and falling thanks to the gripes on the sole.

More so, the boot is thick-cushioned around the heel to prevent foot injuries such as blistering. The boot tension also keeps your forefoot in place in addition to providing comfort. This is because of the cushioned inner boot layer and the Nano cloth on the top layer. The thin synthetic suede lining on the boot boosts their comfort and moisture regulation.

The Furon V6 Pro FG boot's design goal is to achieve maximum speed and stability while guaranteeing a comfortable and perfect fit. The unique boot features behind it include a combination of elastic knot collar and fit weave stretch on the upper side so that you can unconventionally dominate the game. 

The boot also features a lightweight nylon body in conjunction with the screw in Arithmetic Logarithm Unit (ALU) tips and the thermoplastic polyurethane TPU) stud tips that allow increased rotational grip on firm ground pitches.


New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro

Another reason I fancy the Furon V6 Pro boot is its unique ability to stretch and shrink in line with the feet movement. The elastic knit collar and toe spring on the bottom allows the concept of agility to accentuate the boot further.

In addition to the low-cut boot, the design is the lace design, grips on the outer sole, impressive multi-directional resistance, and maximum stability when in motion on the pitch. The low V-shaped collar cut allows you to slide in the boot easily. It also allows a multi-directional adhesion and freedom of rotational movement without reducing your speed.

Just like the predominant knitted soccer cleats brands such as Adidas and Nike, the Furon 6.0 New Balance has a thin and detachable polysynthetic underfoot lining that is easily moldable. 

To add on to that, the Furon 6.0 has an anti-slip Nano cloth on the top layer that provides maximum comfort when wearing them. It has a thin synthetic suede lining that beefs up the wearer's comfort even more and helps in moisture regulation when in motion.

As you flex and move on the pitch, the ALU and TPU studs offer excellent traction and breathable pads for maximum comfort. The inner sole is detachable and has thick pads for ultimate foot cushioning.

For maximum ergonomic performance, the lower toe spring tops up the boot feature giving it a unique look and cosy fit. Thus, the Furon V6 Pro boot is a must-have for anyone in need of an awesome experience.


  • It has a modern appealing boot design with a blue-collar that makes the boot stand out exceptionally.
  • It features a low-cut V-shaped collar for easy multi-directional and rotational tractions.
  • The synthetic suede lining and elastic collar fit weave provide comfort and agility.
  •  It features a combination of the flimsy nylon boot chassis and the advanced screw-in stud tips make it the ultimate game-winning weapon. The nylon chassis and the stud tips are specifically engineered to enable precise motion and rotational tractions with ease.
  • The lower toe spring enables a higher-ranking fit and comfort that boosts an athlete's ergonomic performance on a firm ground pitch.


  • Considering the shape of the Furon V6 Pro FG, it is ideal for people with a narrow foot at the front but wide at the heel thus fitting perfectly on athletes with narrow to wide feet.
  • This boot feature is a definite disadvantage for athletes with narrow feet.

Final Thoughts

New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro
New Balance Furon v6 Pro

When looking to purchase boots that provide sufficient comfort either when dribbling, running, or walking, the Furon v6 Pro FG boot is what you need. It is comfortable, lightweight and has proper aeration.

Along with that is its stretchy upper fit weave that provides unbeatable shape retention capabilities and a perfect lockdown experience. Furthermore, you can make a sharp and instant turn on firm ground with ease.

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  • Lightweight TPU chassis with TPU stud tips for increased rotational traction.
  • Firm ground multi-directional studs for superior traction on firm ground pitches.

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