Nemeziz 17.3 Review

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The Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Cleats come well packaged in a black box written “Only the Best for the Athlete” on the underside and have the Adidas logo on the top side. 

In the box, you will find a pair of the Adidas Nemeziz Firm Ground cleats and a user guide to help you through the first part of your Nemeziz Experience.

The Adidas Nemziz 17.3 firm ground soccer cleat is black on both the top and the undersides. This is apart from some small parts that seem a little bit bluish such as the side where the Adidas logo is located. Otherwise, the rest of the shoes is black.


Nemeziz 17.3
Nemeziz 17.3
Nemeziz 17.3

The Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Cleat has a distinct design. For instance, it has a double collar that gives your feet a good feel. Even though the cleat has laces, the double collars give you a feel like that of a laceless cleat, which we know is a thing nowadays.

The laces are in place to give the cleats a better grip on your feet and enhance your playing experience. In addition to that, the cleat has a well-cushioned heel that not only makes it easier for wearing but for keeping the areas around your ankle comfortable.

The upper part of the cleat has soft synthetic material for its making. Apart from the comfort that you get from this material, you also have the guarantee that the cleat will last and will help you play on different turfs.


This Adidas soccer cleat has an inbuilt insole. The insole is very soft and comfortable. It helps enhance your playing experience. One outstanding feature about the Nemeziz 17.3 is the ability of its outsole to give you a firm grip while playing.

The cleat has well laid out studs that makes this possible. The outsole is also very flexible and can accommodate diverse types of feet.


Nemeziz 17.3

Nemeziz 17.3

Nemeziz 17.3

Nemeziz 17.3

Nemeziz 17.3

Nemeziz 17.3

Judging by my first experience of the Nemeziz 17.3 firm ground cleats, they have an amazing feel. From the moment you put them on, start running, controlling the ball, and juggling. The cleats feel great.

Even with the amazing features that the Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Cleats have, they still have a disadvantage or two. For instance:


  • The collar at the back of the heel may not fit your feet well giving you the impression that the cleats might come off while you are playing.
  • The cleats have only a pair of insoles that are inbuilt making it difficult to exchange or clean them.

Final Thoughts

The Adidas 17.3 Firm Ground Cleats are up to the task given their amazing features and designs. Something that makes these cleats distinguished from the rest is its ability to provide the user with a firm ground grip while playing.

This enhances balance, better ball control, and shooting. The cleats are one to consider the next time you go to the market to purchase a pair.

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