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Manchester United’s first game under Jose Mourinho ended in a 4 – 1 mauling at the hands of Dortmund. And the Red Devils fan were quick to vent their disappointments on social media. Just less than an hour ago, Real Madrid defeated Chelsea by 3 goals to 2, with the half time scores already at 3 nil before Conte’s men replied with 2 goals in the 2nd half. Expect a lot of backlash from the Blues faithful and twitter community from now till eternity as a result. Friendly, International Champions Cup or pre-season games, nobody loves to see their favorite team loss a match, but as far as these games go, there really shouldn’t be nothing to worry about. Here are 4 major reasons why:


If there is a reason why you shouldn’t really take the results of such matches serious, it’s this. Given that they come just few weeks to the start of a season, the coaching crew really want to know which formation(s) should be adopted for the season, which players should play which roles, which players should be temporarily (loan) or permanently (sales) discarded, what reaction to expect from the team following goals scored or conceded amongst other diverse questions. They are just purely experimental, and that’s why no coach fields his starting 11 for such games, and some can use as much as 22 players for a single game. Simply because that’s one of the major purposes of such games.


Best believe when you realize these games are just another drilling and workout session. You come up with this brilliant or weird idea as to how a particular set of moves or actions should go in order to yield so and so results. You don’t have the chance to do that in a real match with 3 points at stake. But in a warmup match, you are free to continue your training sessions and just let your team carryout some moves you wouldn’t risk in a non-friendly match


Even these games don’t really count in the books. They don’t get recorded officially as they are non-competitive. No single fuss should be made about the results as there are so many factors at play. Inasmuch as a coach can get to discover so many things about his team, it still isn’t a highly-regarded affairs, and shouldn’t be treated as such.


Except it’s between Chelsea and Liverpool, with over 5 yellow cards and a red card given out, players hardly take these games very serious. Not even bragging rights are at stake in the real sense of it. A brilliant performance doesn’t stop a fringe player from getting loaned out most times, even though it’s very likely to prevent his sales. The big boys don’t really have any convincing to do and it’s why they just have fun and attain match fitness with these games. So fans should endeavor to do same and not break a sweat over a playful game of soccer. Life’s too short.

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