After seeing the catastrophe that Manchester United endured last season after the ultimate departure of Sir Alex, everybody believed there will be a new moon signing on top of Old Trafford this season as there was little chance of them being inferior to what they did last season. With David Moyes being sacked at the end of last season and the timely announcement of Luis Van Gaal to take over the job from him, it was thought that the Dutch would take time to correct the mistakes that were done by his predecessor.

With his big game experience and an un-match-able resume of managing teams like Ajax, Barcelona and the Netherlands side, there was no second view when the bossy Dutch manager took reigns at Manchester United. When asked at the start of his era about how far his team will go, Luis Van Gaal asked to judge him after three months and here we go.

With 11 points from 8 games, Manchester United is currently sitting on 6th spot in Premier League table. It has been a mixed start to Premier League Campaign for the Red Devils who spent more than £100 Million in last transfer window. Star Players like Di Maria, Falcao and Blind have been added to Manchester United’s cache. But still, Inconsistency has been a major problem for United’s boss. One week they are thrashing Queens Park Rangers by 4 goals, than they got spanked by Leicester the very next week.

After 8 games into the Premier League under David Moyes, Man United got 11 points, 1 less than this season’s total.

After facing the likes of Burnley, Swansea and Sunderland, the Red side of Manchester has lost 2 and drew 3 League games. Even though they are 1 point of the 4th spot, one major difficulty for Van Gaal is that his side is still to face a top 5 side from last season. In the next 4 weeks, Manchester United will face Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal respectively. So the real test is yet to come for the Red Devils.

Moyes spent £30 Million last summer, as compared to Van Gaal’s £150 Million.

Last season at this point, Manchester United was on 10th spot with 11 points. Even though their league position was much inferior, but they had already faced Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool up to that point. David Moyes side collected just 1 point from those three matches. And now with Chelsea coming this week as the first real test of how far Manchester United has gone under Luis Van Gaal era, it will become clear where Manchester United will stand against the top teams.

At this stage last season, Manchester United were on 8th in the league table, 2 places worst-off than this season

Even though Manchester United is on a better spot at the moment, but still they are just 1 point ahead from last season. And considering the amount of money Van Gaal spent and the teams which he has faced so far this season, there is not enough improvement in Manchester United ranks.
Next 2 months will be crucial for Louis Van Gaal as his side will face the top guns first time in his managerial career. And a performance against these sides will decide the fate of Manchester United this season.

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