Amidst rumors of him moving to another team this summer, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho insists that goalkeeper Petr Cech will be staying with the team.

Mourinho made the declaration during an interview, where the outspoken Blues manager said that there are several factors that would determine whether Cech will stay or not, including the team’s board as well as club owner Roman Abramovich.

“But if it was me, if it was my decision, my decision is Petr to stay. That’s it. It would be my decision for Petr to stay,” he remarked. Arsenal is said to be gunning to get Cech should he be open to move this summer.

The manager notes that the 32-year old goal keeper might not be that welcoming of his stance, but stressed that the improvement of the club is often more important than the individual players.

In the last season, Cech has fallen behind Thibaut Courdois as Chelsea’s main goalkeeper, with the former expected to once again sit on the bench in the match against Liverpool on Sunday. The Czech international has been with the Blues fer the past 10 seasons since moving to the Premier League in 2004. Cech earlier expressed his frustration over the apparent demotion.

However, Mourinho asserted that there is still a place for Cech in the team. “Without Petr this season I don’t think the club would be champions because he played six important matches in the Premier League and without these points we probably wouldn’t be champions.” The manager went on to say that it is important for the squad to have two good goalkeepers in itheir ranks.

Meanwhile, the manager also revealed that he once tried to get Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard to his side during his earlier stint with Chelsea, as well as during his times as Inter Milan and Real Madrid head, but Gerrard declined in all instances and chose to stick with the Reds. The Blues’ boss jokingly remarked that he will give his “dear enemy” a nice send-off when the two squads meet on Sunday. Gerrard is set to move to MLS squad LA Galaxy this summer.

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