Content after Chelsea win against Everton (3-6), José Mourinho still used the press conference after the match to vent to his defense.

“It was great for everyone in the stadium or in front of  their TV worldwide…But not for me. We cannot make that many defensive mistakes. We must first improve as a team, keeping our defensive solidity. Today, we have shown that we have improved in all other sectors but defensively there was no balance.”

He was very unhappy about the free kick goal his team conceded to Everton. He said “On Wednesday, we spent 90 minutes working on defending corners and free kicks and today we allow a goal from a free kick. So I cannot be happy with this ridiculous goal we conceded.”

It was not all bad as he gave both teams thumbs up only to bash his team again. He said “Both teams played really well. I know Everton is a hard to control offensive team, but three goals is too much. Each arises from an error and I can clearly identify who is involved.”

Paul Koroma

I learned all about life with a ball at my feet. Soccer allows me to push the limitation of creativity and express myself without saying a word. Soccer is my addiction. I train. I play, and I repeat every single day.

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