With his team clinching the Premier League title, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says that he is thankful that the win did not come in an “easier competition”.

“I could choose another club in another country where it’s easier to be champions, but I chose the most difficult league in Europe,” Mourinho said during the post-game interview of their match against Crystal Palace, where his squad won 1-0. “A club where I was happy before. In my country, they say don’t go back somewhere you were happy before because you risk that. So I took that risk. I’m so happy to win another Premier League title.”

Chelsea got past Crystal Palace in Sunday’s game thanks to Eden Hazard, who once again proved to be the team’s hero when it comes to tight matches lioke this one. Hazard managed to sink in the game’s only goal in the first half, after he recovered his own penalty shot that was deflected by Eagles goalkeeper Julian Speroni.

However, Crystal Palace also showed that they won’t be an easy one for the league leaders to deal with, as they set up a defense that denied Chelsea additional opportunity to score. Speroni fended off a strong kick coming from Didier Drogba.

“Crystal Palace gave us a counter-attacking game,” Mourinho remarked. “We coped with that. We scored our goal, changed the team in the second half, controlled possession, the destiny of the game.”

The manaqger also defended the style of play that they have adoptewd since a few weeks back, saying that it was “more strategic, less artistic”. “The people who have a big face to say we don’t deserve it are the ones who, in my country, we say ‘the dogs bark and the caravan goes by, he remarked. Crystal Palace responded to the play with the same “boring” chant made by Arsenal fans against the Blues last week.

Chelsea’s Premier League win comes in as their first title in the span of five years.

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