With several teams rumored to be interested in signing up Chelsea’s Eden Hazard this summer, team manager Jose Mourinho says that it will cost them “£100 million per leg” to get his prized winger.

Mourinho made the remark after reports claimed that Spanish squad Real Madrid is keen on getting Hazard. “If Real Madrid want him, I think I would be the first one to know, but if they do it would be £100m for each leg,” he said, responding to comments made by Real Madrid Team B coach Zinedine Zidane regarding the player.

However, Mourinho stressed that he believes that Real isn’t going to present an offer to Hazard anytime soon. “I don’t believe they are trying to sign him because they didn’t tell me,” he said.

“My relationship with their President and with the CEO doesn’t give space for something to happen behind my back. I trust them completely. If they want him they get on the telephone and they call me to tell me they want him.”

Mourinho has high praises for the 24-year old Hazard, who came to Chelsea in 2013 after a stellar first stint with Lille. “He’s a fantastic boy, a golden boy. The way he behaves, the way he wants to be, the way he respects people, even the way he respects opponents. He doesn’t cheat. He doesn’t dive. Nothing. So I think, even for opponents, I think he’s a fantastic kid.”

Earlier, Arsenal manager and Mourinho’s long-time on-court rival Arsene Wenger revealed that his team also wanted to get hold of the midfielder when he first moved to the Premier League, but did not pursue. “I have no big regrets because, at the time, there was so much so much money involved we could not afford it, and not defend it, honestly,” he said. Chelsea reportedly paid £32 million to get Hazard aboard.

Hazard is also on the running for the Professional Footballers Association Player of the Year Award, but Mourinho suggested that his player might be more interested in winning the Premier League trophy. “The title is what gives you more credit, not the individual award, it’s not the comments from the pundits or the former stars,”

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