With Chelsea set to face the Queens Park Rangers this weekend, team manager Jose Mourinho is confident that striker Loic Remy will prove to be an asset for the upcoming match.

In an interview, Mo9urinho said that this is now the time for Remy to show his stuff, with him starting in place of Diego Costa, who will be sideline d for at least four games due to an injury. “Even week after week when he was on the bench and Diego was starting matches, he pushed himself always to the limits to be in condition to answer when the right moment arrived,” Mourinho related.

Mourinho also said that he is very optimistic that the French striker will deliver the goods during match day. “Remy is a professional with a great profile, every time working very hard and when he was playing, whether scoring or not scoring, he was always there for the team,” the manager said of his ward. “Now he has scored two goals in two matches and he makes some important points.

The Chelsea boss also cited Remy’s playing flexibility as an asset. “Also when you build the squad, if a player can play in more than one position that is a plus and he can play also wide on the right or wide on the left.”

One the other hand, Mourinho brushed off assertions that Remy is simply an understudy for Costa. “He didn’t come as a number two,” he insisted. “He came knowing that we have a squad with important players and cannot guarantee positions.”

“This is not being a number two. Diego did well enough when he was playing to keep his position, but who knows, if in the next matches Remy performs very well, maybe he makes the situation difficult for Diego when he comes back.”

Remy played for QPR from 2012 to 2014 before moving to Chelsea in September amid a slightly controversial transfer

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