With his team firmly entrenched on the top of the Premier League standings, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is confident that his team will be able to to grab the title this season.

When asked why he believes that this would be the case, the Blues manager responded “Mentality is important because now is the moment where everything is decided — for relegation, the Champions League places and the title.:

He explained that his players are in the right condition for the end stages of the tournament. “I think people are comfortable,” Mourinho said. “I look at the players and see people who are relaxed to play these last two months — to fight for the title is the best motivation you can have in the game.”

The manager them emphasized how it is important for them to maintain the same momentum they have into the last stages of the season. “You can do amazingly well for seven, eight, nine months, but the moment of truth always arrives and the moment of truth for us is get the wins we need to be champions,” he pointed out. “So to be mentally strong but, at the same time, be comfortable with the situation is very important.”

However, Chelsea’s campaign for the Premier League title might have suffered a setback, as striker Diego Costa is expected to miss the team’s match against Arsenal on April 26 due to a hamstring injury.

Costa suffered the said injury during the team’s Saturday game against Stoke, where they won 2-1. The striker came into the game as a substitute, but was taken out just 12 minutes later due to the injury.

According to the reports gathered by the Daily Telegraph, Costa is expected to also sit out the matches against QPR and Manchester United, which come before their duel with Arsenal. However, the4 reports also said that Costa is trying to get himself back into shape for the latter match.

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