Jose Mourinho, Chelsea head coach replied to critics from arsenal fans who labelled Chelsea boring in the classic Mourinho football fashion. Despite being at the top of the league and ten points ahead of the second placed, Arsenal fans still believed that Chelsea plays a boring game.

They chanted ‘’boring Chelsea’’ towards the end of their premier league match against the blues at Emirates stadium on Sunday. Despite having an embarrassing moment when his boys failed to convert any of the opportunities they had, Mourinho told Arsenal fans that boring is playing for ten years without a title.

Ahead of Wednesdays match against Leicester city on Wednesday, Mourinho told a news conference that Chelsea is always the best or second best team. Mourinho also insisted that he doesn’t care about possession since it doesn’t count at the end.

All he wants from his boys is as many goals as they can, to keep them going. In a sarcastic way, Mourinho said that soccer began a couple of centuries ago with one aim which seems to be changing to ball possession.

‘’I am very simple in my analysis’’, Jose said that his understanding about football is putting the ball in the net of your rivals and stopping your opponents from bagging the ball in your net.

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