Pep came out on tops once more against his eternal rival in what was a game of 2 different halves at the Old Trafford, and the 2 – 1 scoreline game sure produced some takeaways.

De Bruyne is Mourinho’s Nemesis

A man of the match display from the Mourinho reject once again brought one of the Portuguese greatest managerial mistakes to the fore.

Having sanctioned his sales while at Chelsea, the Belgian player has continually risen through the ranks from his Wolfsburg days. And he has gotten better.

The woodwork prevented him from deservedly getting an hattrick in the game, and the absence of Aguero wasn’t felt an inch.

Kevin also terrorized Chelsea last term while Jose was still in charge and it doesn’t seem like he would stop.

If tables were turned and he was in United, the game might have just gone in their favour.

City are more than just Tiki-Taka

Many questioned how Pep was going to survive his debut season in the EPL with his style of play.

Manchester City’s 1st goal might have just answered that.

The ball went from Bravo, to Kolarov, to Iheanacho, to De Bruyne and to the back the net.

Such long range effort that required just 2 players in both halves of the pitch showcased a surprise plan B might be pulled out of the hat by City every now and then.

That certainly caught the United defence unaware and maybe more surprises would be unravelled as the season goes by.

It’s Pep Guardiola time.

City can beat everybody

The club are already on a 4-game unbeaten run this season in the league, and given how they have overcome some of their toughest tests, it will take a better side to edge them to victory.

At the moment, no side looks better and winning the league is very possible for Pep Guardiola and his men.

The other title contenders will have to be at their best to beat this Manchester City side that will only get better with every game.

Manchester United still need better players

If we are to go by today’s display, then it’s safe to say the signings they pulled off during the off-season dont have what it take to win them the league.

The struggle was obvious against Hull City until they grabbed a goal at the death, and that seemed to have hiden it all.

Coming against a real competition exposed that once again, and there are still at least 4 , 5 teams that won’t be push aways when they meet.

Pogba and Henrikh particularly struggled to make any impact, while Zlatan could have scored more than a lucky goal.

Mourinho and his men look to have flattered to deliver from the get go and that change Red Devils faithful clamored for doesn’t look to have fully arrived yet.

But its too early to conclude.

However, the psychological advantage the victory has given to Manchester City can’t be denied, and they will hold on to it for as long as they can.

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