Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager was pissed off by Arsenal fans chants ‘’boring Chelsea’’ during a premier league match between the two teams on Sunday. This is evident from his continued critics about Arsenal.

Some world class managers and soccer fanatics like Craig Burley disagrees with Arsenal fans on Chelsea being boring. Craig feels that a team cannot be boring, and yet PFA player of the year came from the Chelsea. In a press conference, Mourinho dismissed some false rumors that Roman Abramovich, Chelsea owner is not happy and satisfied with the league leader’s style of football.

Mourinho told reporters that ‘’Abramovich is very happy’’ and was delighted with the draw at Emirates as they near the league title for the first time since 2010. After the game, Mourinho claims to have seen Roman hugging the players, an indication of his feeling towards their performance on Sunday’s match.

In the club history, Roman decided to buy Chelsea back in 2003 after watching Manchester United’s 4-3 champion’s league victory against Real Madrid. He referred to the match as a ‘’beautiful game’’ which prompted him to purchase the club. Roman also admitted to have been engaging into serious talks to try and get Pep Guardiola to his club after he was impressed on the manner world football is dominated by Barcelona.

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