While they have won the Manchester derby this year, Manchester United might also be in for a setback with the possibility of midfielder Michael Carrick suffering an injury.

With his team leading against Manchester City in Saturday’s match, Carrick came limping off the field during the closing minutes, which left the Red Devils with only 10 men for the final plays of the match. Nevertheless, United still emerged the winner despite a second goal made by the City’s Sergio Aguero.

While it is suspected to be a calf injury, no definite conclusion will be reached until after Carrick undergoes a series of medical tests this Monday. Nevertheless, United manager Louis van Gaal is confident that his player’s injury isn’t severe and he will still be available for their upcoming match against league leader Chelsea. “I don’t think so,” van Gaal replied when asked about the possibility.

The manager also praised Carrick’s proactive decision to step out after not feeling well in the last few moments. “He was wise to step off but we have to wait and see tomorrow. He had a stiff calf and he is a very experienced player so he asked to leave the pitch. I said: ‘Okay.’”

Nevertheless, van Gaal said that he is also responsible for the predicament that his team found themselves in the closing minutes of the match, saying that he should have carefully timed his three substitutions to avoid the one-man deficit they hand. He also added that they started bad in the first half.

However, the United boss said that he is still very happy with the way his players performed. “The second half was fantastic,” van Gaal enthusiastically said.

“Maybe [it is] the best feeling [as United manager] but not the best performance because we started very badly, more or less like against Burnley but after the assist of David de Gea [for Young’s goal], we are regaining our confidence and we scored the second goal from a fantastic attack also.”

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