After the latest in a series of tirades against MLS referees, Toronnto FC’s Michael Bradley says that he is fed up with all the commotion and calls on his teammates to stop complaining about their “bad luck” with officiating.

“You could sit here and talk about hypotheticals until you’re blue in the face,” Bradley mused during an interview on Thursday.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good. You hope, over the course of the season, that things even themselves out.”

Bradley made the remark after teammate Luke Moor was suspended by the MLS discipilinary committee after their team’s 201 loss against Real Salt Lake on Sunday. Moore harshly challenged the referee following a yellow card that was handed to him in the match.

The 27-midfielder said that he himself does not agree with the decision of the disciplinary committee. “Without any complaining, we certainly have been on the wrong end of certain decisions this year.” However, he stressed that it should be taken as as part and parcel of the whole game. “But that’s the reality. That’s life and that’s football.”

He also urged his teammates not to be deterred by such officiating issues. “It’s a cop-out,” Bradley said of the series of complaints. “We’ve got to still look at ourselves and understand what has been good and also realize there’s still a lot of room for improvement.”

Bradley also reminded his teammates that they still has several matches to play. “If we keep pushing along, we’ll have a good team and a team that isn’t subject to one bad call here or there — that in the end, our quality is going to mean we’re going to be able to win games regardless.”

Toronto is set to face Chicago Fire this Saturday.

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