In most cases, critics are normally part of life regardless of religion or your daily job. However, some people are significantly affected by critics while others use them as a basis of learning and improving their way of doing their daily duties.

Tottenham head coach, Pochettino is facing some critics after failing to deliver what most expected following a poor performance for the spurs. Mauricio joined premier league in January 2013 and had a smooth and impressive start as a manager.

He attracted a lot of attention from several clubs in Europe after leading Southampton to one of their best premier league finish in their history with a possession based technique, and attacking philosophy that ranked him among the hottest managers in premier league.

His impressive performances made the spurs hand him a 5 year contract to transform Tottenham, but the job got difficult than most people thought. Following the club’s poor results and performance, Pochettino found himself under scrutiny, but he believes that will only make him a better coach.

During a press conference, Mauricio told the media that it is very difficult to get everyone to agree with your decision. He added that everyone in the line of football as a coach, official or a referee receives critics which is a good thing on his part as a manager.

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