As talks of his transfer to Manchester United heats up, Borussia Dortmund center Mats Hummels reveals that he is currently contemplating his future with his current team.

“As matters stand, I think about what is good for me and what I want to do,” Hummels said in an interview. “Everyone knows that I very much like it here in Dortmund, but I also want us to have a powerful squad and a powerful approach.”

However, the center also clarified that he is not strictly bent on the idea of moving out of Dortmund. “It’s not like I’m now saying that I’ll leave no matter what,” Hummels explained. “Whenever I make a decision, no matter which direction, I will openly talk about it.”

When asked whether he would consider a move to a foreign team, Hummels said “Often I think that I definitely want to do it, but then I have days when I think that I don’t need it. But fundamentally I believe that playing abroad is good for the footballing as well as the personal development.”

Hummels’ contract with Dortmund will remain active until 2017. However, Manchester United is said to be keen on getting the services of the German player. The team is said to be willing to pay almost £35 million to facilitate his transfer. His comment about the possibility of moving to a foreign team is said to have boosted the Red Devils’ confidence in getting him.

When queried about the potential offer coming from Manchester, Hummels stressed that he has yet to take it into consideration. “I have held many talks in recent weeks, which are relevant for me and which will form my general view,” he said. “But I have not made a decision regarding my future. And even if I had, it does not necessarily mean that it can be turned into reality.”

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