With Arsenal rigorously preparing for its ongoing campaign to grab a new Premier League title, the team gets a major boost, as Mathieu Debuchy and several other key players return to active play from injury.

“I’m no longer in pain,” Debuchy enthusiastically told reporters during the team’s friendly training match match against Brentford on Tuesday. “I went into challenges and I made tackles. I now need to regain my rhythm.

Debuchy was sideline for more than three months due to a severe leg injury, the latyest of several that has plagued his time with the Gunners ever since joining the team last summer. Overall, the 29-year old defender has managed to make only 10 Premier league appearances for Arsenal.

The midfielder also recalled his time during rehabilitation.  “It hasn’t been easy for me to undergo two operations in the same season,” he narrated. “But I am still positive.”

Aside from Debuchy, several other players return from the injury list for the Gunners. Jack Wilshire, Mikel Arteta, and Abu Diaby all suited up for the training match. On the other hand, Danny Welbeck, who suffered a minor injury during the English national team’s match against Lithuania on Friday, is also expected to be given a go signal by team manager Arsene Wenger.

Debuchy is very optimistic that he will be able to help Arsenal’s campaign once he gets back to full playing duty. However, he also expects his team to face a major challenge with Chelsea. “It is going to be difficult for Arsenal to win the title, as Chelsea are doing very well, but it would be great if we can finish second.”

Wenger shared his player’s optimism, adding that he will ensure that each of his crew is used effectively. “I make sure that everybody around the team fills that tank as much as we can. Of course there is a certainty about the quality of my players but an uncertainty about the energy level that will be available on the day of the game,” he stressed.

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