Javier Tebas, La Liga president says that any player involved in match fixing could be jailed. Currently, a Judge in Valencia court is dealing with a case dated back in 2011 in a match between Levante and Real Zaragoza.

Similarly, several courts in Spain are investigating a number of cases relating to match fixing and guilty players will face the consequences. Miguel Archanco, former Osasuna president and Txuma Peralt the director had spent some nights in police custody to give room for investigations relating to match fixing accusations.

Javier Tebas, a lawyer by profession was asked in an interview whether he could support guilty players being jailed and he said yes, more so where real damage has already been done. Despite fighting for people’s freedom, Tebas said that those responsible of serious crimes should go to jail, and remember the victims involved deserve a compensation.

The hearings of the pending case concerning Levante and Zarazoga have been going on this week with several players being questioned. Some of those interrogated this week include; Carlos diogo, Xavi Torres, Hector Rodas, Nobrega Braulio and Christian stuana about money movement in and out of their bank accounts at the period of the match in question.

On 4th May, Gabi, Atletico Madrid captain and Ander Herrera, Manchester United midfielder who were zarazoga players at that time will be questioned in court concerning the same matter.

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