With their Champions  League semis against Real Madrid starting this Tuesday, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri admits that they are the underdogs in the particular competition.

“They are the champions of Europe so compared to us they could have a bit of a better chance, but it’s not a semifinal where you can say we’ve got nothing to lose — we can lose the chance of being in the final,” Allegri said in an interview.

As such, the Juves’ boss said that they need to be prepared for the match. “We’ve got to be conscious of what we’ve done so far and that we have a chance, but while remembering at the same time that we’re up against very strong opponents,” he stressed.

“When you play games like these, you’ve got to aim to play I’m not saying a perfect game, but you’ve got to do some fantastic things in attack and defence, I don’t think Juve against Real and Real against Juve will both finish 0-0, so we’ve got to do well particularly in attack.”

The Italian manager said that he expects Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti to be a tough one. “Carlo’s very clever, in addition to being shrewd. The results he’s got in Europe back him up. He’s won in Italy, England, France and Spain so I think he’s got great quality.”

Allegri also noted that Carlos Tevez and Alvaro Morata will be an imp0ortant part of their gameplay for the match. For his part, Tevez was optimistic of their chances. “They are going to be two very keenly-fought games and the best will go through,” he said. “I don’t think either side are favourites. Whoever makes the fewer mistakes will go through. It’s wide open.”

The Argentinean forward also said that the team’s performance as a whole will be crucial. “I think our secret is in the group. We respect the history of this club and the shirt we’re wearing, and that’s why we’re in the semifinals of the Champions League and the final of the Coppa Italia, as well as being champions of Italy already.”

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