Marseille president, Vincent Labrune found himself in the receiving end after he was arrested and put in custody to allow investigations over 2010 Gignac transfer.

According to a police official, the arrest was made on Tuesday together with former club president, Jean Dassier and Philippe Perez Marseille director general who were also arrested in connection with the transfer. Andre Pierre Ginac signed a transfer to a French league club in 2010. Police also launched similar investigations that target second division clubs that were suspects of match fixing last season.

Judicial officials are supposed to identify whether the club officials were involved in illicit commissions during the 16 million euros transfer deal that saw Gignac move from Toulouse. During the incident, Dassier was the club president while Labrune was responsible of all financial operations in the club.

Frederic Thiriez, French league president claimed that if the suspicions are confirmed, then it will be an extreme serious case for those involved. According to him, corruption is a deadly virus for sports, more so soccer in particular.

Among other presidents placed under custody with such related football irregularities include; Nimes president marc Conrad, Dijon coach Olivier and Caen president Jean Fortin. Thiriez also added that the only way to make the French federation and the league support the case is by ensuring those being investigated appear before the judges in a brief delay.

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