While Juventus manager Giuseppe Marotta is confident that prized midfielder Paul Pogba is not going to leave the team any time soon, he also says that there is also nothing that would stop him from going towards a more lucrative offer if one comes by his way.

“Pogba is the protagonist of his own destiny and if he decides to leave then we can’t stop him,” Marotta said in an interview by Corriere della Sera.

However, the Bianconeri head said that Pogba has not yet shown any indications that he is intending to transfer to another club. “The problem will come when the player is offered a contract that is two or three times what he already earns.,” Marotta noted. “We’re talking in the tens of millions per year.”

Several teams have already shown interest in getting the service of the 22-year old Frenchman  should he decide to leave Juventus. Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger has praised Pogba’s performance in the current season and is said to be keenly interested in acquiring him for the Gunners.  On the other hand, Pogba’s former team Manchester United is also interested on getting him back into their fold. Yet another team that is looking to sign up the coveted midfielder is Paris Saint Germain.

According to observers, however, the biggest consideration for teams wishing to get Pogba would be price. Analysts estimate that Pogba might cost as much as £145 million at the negotiating table.

Marotta proudly said that the demand that Pogba is currently generating is a proof of the effectiveness of the scouting strategies that his team has implemented to get some of the best players in the sport.  “Before it was difficult to encourage players to come, for instance Antonio Di Natale refused to join us years ago,” he recalled.

“Now, however, there is a race to come to us, and I’m talking about a race from players who are all-the-rage, the best in the world.”

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